Here at Ten Dollar Tutors, we are committed to answering any questions you have.

Do I need to purchase a Windows tablet and pen to use the whiteboard app?

For best results, please purchase a Microsoft Surface Tablet so you can write directly onto the screen. A tablet from us costs $399. If you would like to purchase one, please click here.

I already have a Windows Tablet, can’t I just use my own?

Absolutely! If you have one, you can just download the app by clicking here. Then schedule the meeting on our homepage.

I can’t afford a windows tablet right now. Is there a cheaper option?

Yes, you can purchase our USB pad with wireless pen. Just plug it into your laptop or desktop. When you write onto the pad, it then writes your notes onto the computer screen. You pay $20/down and then $20 a month. To order this, please click here.

Does this work on a Mac? Ipad?

No, but this is coming soon.

I am a teacher, how can I become a tutor with

Please send a cover letter, resume, and tell us why you want to become a tutor. Email the coordinator at